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Why Galderma Innovation

Putting you at the cutting edge

Your patients want rapid, long-lasting aesthetic treatments with consistent, predictable results, and no downtime. At Galderma, we hear this. It’s in our DNA to deliver innovative products that support you in your practice and empower beauty in all its forms.

A pioneer in aesthetic medicine

Galderma paved the way for the use of hyaluronic acid fillers in aesthetics, and we have been innovating ever since. For instance, we were responsible for bringing the first non-animal dermal filler to the market in the form of Restylane1. We also helped introduce innovative new categories, such as the first Skinboosters and the first biostimulator. Our SmartClick syringe, meanwhile, makes it easier for you to deliver the right dose every time. 

Galderma’s dynamic innovation pipeline means we are at the forefront of bringing the next generation of injectable technologies. Our goal is simple: to produce better solutions that make it even easier for you to run your clinic. Together, we will help your patients achieve their aesthetic goals.

The world’s broadest portfolio of injectable technologies

Here are some of the ways we’re innovating to help your practice


A better syringe

Using a syringe or cannula is an integral part of providing a patient with an injectable filler treatment. Galderma wondered if there was a way to reimagine the syringe to offer greater precision, comfort and control, and to help support clinicians in their daily work. The result is the SmartClick system, which dispenses ~10 μL droplets for every audible click. This allows healthcare professionals to focus on their injection technique rather than the amount injected. The SmartClick system also features comfortable contours, that take into account users who are providing multiple injections per day. The design won a coveted Red Dot Award for High Design Quality in 2014. The system is used with Galderma’s Restylane Skinboosters.
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Two complementary technologies

Galderma offers the world’s most diverse range of high-quality hyaluronic fillers.4,5 At the heart of the range are two sophisticated and complementary filling technologies.

Galderma’s NASHA gel contains HA that has been minimally modified so as not to be recognized by the body as foreign. NASHA gels rely largely on the natural entanglement of hyaluronic acid strands for cross-linking. A relatively small number of additional cross links are added to slow degradation in the body and prolong the effect. NASHA gels are intended for patients with thicker tissue coverage, where a firmer product is preferred. 

Galderma’s Optimal Balance Technology, meanwhile, allows for the production of a wide range of gel textures and qualities by varying the number of cross-links between HA molecules. Fewer cross-links provide a softer gel, while more cross-links between HA molecules result in a firmer gel. Optimal Balance Technology is used to create four degrees of cross-linking and three particle sizes to provide five unique gel textures. These enable healthcare professionals to select exactly the right gel for each application.

Injectable technologies. Hyaluronic acid gels form Galderma. Dermal fillers, Restylane.

Innovation backed by science

Every product that Galderma sells and every claim we make is backed up by solid science.  We know that you stake your reputation on the treatments you provide your patients. We stake ours on providing you reliable, scientifically proven products that deliver what they promise.
The science behind
The makers of the award-winning SmartClick syringe
Enjoy the choice of NASHA and OBT fillers

Over 85 million treatments carried out worldwide1,2,3


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