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Beautiful woman celebrating individuality Galderma’s portfolio of aesthetic treatments such as dermal face fillers and injectables

Support for healthcare professionals and the wider community

Galderma works hard to provide its customers with the most advanced aesthetic technologies backed by science, and to ensure the best possible outcomes for patients. We also recognize our duty to care for and serve the wider community in which we operate through initiatives targeting areas including sustainability, community development, and transparency of action.

Towards a more sustainable tomorrow

Our planet has finite resources and faces a range of environmental challenges. Galderma recognizes that its operations have an impact on the natural environment and has resolved to shape sustainable consumption and to manage resources for future generations. Our ambition is to strive for no impact from our operations by 2030. Our key focus areas are: 
•    Caring for water;
•    Action on climate change; and
•    Safeguarding the environment.
Our water management initiatives include programs to reduce water withdrawal, to recycle and reuse water, to use alternative sources such as rainwater, and to have water-saving projects in each of our factories.

To address climate change, we are working to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from our manufacturing facilities by 35% per ton of product by 2020, from a 2010 baseline. Currently, three of our six factory sites use renewable electricity.

Meanwhile, we are working to generate no waste for disposal at all our sites and to use life-cycle analysis to assess and optimize the environmental impact of our products.

Transparent ethical conduct
Transparent, ethical conduct

Underhand dealings and corruption damage both businesses and the wider community. Galderma works hard to ensure high standards of ethical behavior through measures including:
•    The use of a Code of Ethics
•    Adherence to a Global HCP Code
•    The enforcement of a Supplier Code
The Code of Ethics is an explicit declaration of adherence to the highest ethical standards in our work. It states that it is the responsibility of every employee to “do the right thing, the right way” to ensure the highest standards of integrity.

The Global HCP Code defines standards for ways in which the company and its employees interact with healthcare professionals. The code is aimed at ensuring responsible interactions with HCPs and includes sections on: respecting the medical judgement of HCPs; transparency of dealings; and the separation of promotional and non-promotional activities.

The Supplier Code sets out the standards we require our suppliers to adhere to when conducting business for us. These concern the environment, social aspects and business ethics.

A stronger community for everyone

No business should act without thought for the community in which it operates. Galderma works hard to recognize vulnerable members of society and to make it easy for aesthetic and dermatological professionals to access relevant, on-going education materials. 

Our initiatives include:
•    GAIN
•    Camp Wonder
•    Derm 101
The Galderma Aesthetic Injector Network (GAIN) is a forum through which the world’s top aesthetics professionals are able to share their knowledge and expertise via physical training sessions, films, articles, and papers. 

Since 2012, Galderma has been involved with Camp Wonder, a summer camp for children with chronic and life-threatening skin diseases. Every year, Camp Wonder gives nearly 100 children with severe skin diseases a week away from being bullied or stared at.

Derm101 is a comprehensive digital resource, with content tailored to a range of healthcare professionals, including dermatologists, pediatricians and primary care family practitioners. It's available online and through mobile apps, in three languages - English, Spanish and Chinese.