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Restylane fillers for aesthetics backed by science

The science behind Restylane Fill products

Every product that Galderma sells and every claim we make is backed up by solid science. Better understanding the action behind Restylane Fill products will help you achieve more precise results and deliver high patient satisfaction.

Two complementary technologies

The Restylane Fill range relies on two sophisticated and complementary hyaluronic acid (HA) filling technologies developed by Galderma.

The NASHA gel in Restylane Lyft contains HA that has been minimally modified so as not to be recognized by the body as foreign. NASHA gels rely largely the natural entanglement of hyaluronic acid strands for cross-linking. A relatively small number of additional cross links are added to slow degradation in the body and prolong the effect. NASHA gels are intended for patients with thicker tissue coverage, where a firmer product is preferred.

Restylane Defyne relies on Galderma’s Optimal Balance Technology. The technology allows for the production of a wide range of gel textures and qualities by varying the number of cross-links between HA molecules. Fewer cross-links provides a softer gel, while more cross-links between HA molecules result in a firmer gel. Optimal Balance Technology is used to create four degrees of cross-linking and three particle sizes to provide five unique gel textures. These allow healthcare professionals to select exactly the right gel for each application.